Rogers Wireless – Now on Facebook

Rogers Wireless, a Canadian Telcommunications company, has recently launched a new corporate page on Facebook called MyMusic.

MyMusic is a page that consolidates a number of music partnerships that Rogers has – from top Universal artists to MTV Canada, as well as their own music properties like the Rogers MusicStore and Redpipe.

It also houses an application, called MyArtist, that allows you to post questions for featured artists. The top five users with the most questions after a few weeks have them asked to Hedley (the current band) in an exclusive interview that is then posted back to the page.

In the interests of full disclosure, I have helped develop this page over the last few months and am excited that Rogers is now involved in the Social networking world.

When developing the page, we did an audit of how other brands are using Facebook (see Verizon or TD for examples) and found that the majority of them are simply creating wallpaper pages that drive back to their home sites.

One of the main objectives of MyMusic was to ensure that the user experience was not fragmented and kept within the Facebook environment.

Although we only have a few hundred fans, the hope is that we will continue to grow the page over time (with additional artists and apps on their way) and become a solid part of the social network scene.

Feel free to add your comments – good or bad – and please visit here if you want to check it out.

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