The Future of Web Navigation

We’ve written about this great TED video before, however it’s worth posting again when thinking about the future of navigation on the web.

Right now we’re used to traditional ways of navigation on the web – scrolling down a page and clicking on links we’re interested in. But in a recent issue of Newsweek, a detailed article talks about how humans best process information – when it is presented to them all at once – the big picture.

Think about it. When you’re knee deep in a tough project, what’s one of the first things you do? Get into a room, put up all your information, write things on the wall and gather everything you know. It’s amazing what solutions can come from looking at a problem when everything about it is surrounding you.

The same idea comes into play with Seadragon navigation from Microsoft. Instead of having multiple pages of content (or thousands for sites like YouTube, Wikipedia, etc), place all the content on one page and allow the user to literally zoom in on what interests them. That way, they can have a perspective of what’s around just in case something peaks their interest.

It’s a revolutionary way to search and hopefully one that you’ll see Microsoft and Google use more of.

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