Make It Personal – Team in Training

A good friend of ours recently alerted us to a great organization called Team in Training.

Team in Training helps people train for marathons, triathlons, walks, century (100 mile) bike rides and other endurance events. Once you are a part of the organization, they help you train for your event as long as you set a specific fund raising goal (say $15K).

The funds are all donated to Leukemia & Lymphoma Cancer society and since the foundations inception in 1988, Team in Training has helped to raise over $850 million towards the cause.

What I really like about the site is how easy it is for members to create their own page and track their fund raising goals. Our friend, Graham, has his own page here and you can see how well it allows you to donate, see who else is donated and how much is left to reach his goal.

It also allows you to post you own videos (like the one below) and update content whenever you want to let your base know how the training is going.

It’s a great group and it’s nice to see fund raising organizations take a different spin on it. By enabling people to pursue their own goals (running a marathon) and encouraging them to raise money, the cause becomes much more personal for their support network.

I’m much more likely to support Graham (a friend) than a random mail out or call from the Cancer society.

Good, simple ideas to get the word out (in a cheap way) and enable your support network to spread the message for you.

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