Tom Green Channel

Oh Tom Green you crazy canuck. He is at it again trying to find a way to broadcast his half-funny, half-annoying face to the masses. Remember his original show? The slut-mobile was my favourite episode, peeing statue was number two. Fast-forward 8 years…

The Tom Green channel on the web displays his real home phone number for any and all to call and ask questions on air. Celeb guests like Perez Hilton, Tony Hawk, Dr Drew and Kenny+Speny come on over to Tom’s house and bring items for later resale on eBay to raise funds to keep the show on the air. Viewers get to vote on what the funds are actually spent on (necessary vid equipment or a useless stuffed bear, for instance). Podcasts on iTunes, yep. Blog, yep. Mass calls to submit user-gen YouTube vids of you watching him. All he needs now is a groundswell of viewers and paying advertisers and he has a disruptive model for the giants to be concerned about (or mimic).

Post found on Fallon Planning blog

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