ESPN Inks New Deal

Fear not, hardcore gamers. ESPN has just signed a multi-year contract with Major Leage Gaming (MLG) to cover their pro circut.

Many pro gamers do circuts across the US for specific titles and consoles – from XBox to the Wii. They play a multitidue of top games (Halo, Tony Hawk and Madden to name a few) and some competitors even have hardcore rivalries and sponsors.

Jason Lee Miller, from Web Pro News, even believes that by 2011, MLG will host Pay-per view events (think Boxing on HBO or UFC) for key gaming match ups.

Now, it’s not like my life would be made substantially better by watching to gamers play Halo 3 in Madison Square Garden, however I think it would make for great comedy and actually have a decent following.

Many people don’t realize that gaming is a much larger industry than Hollywood (based on Box office totals – not DVD residuals) in terms of total revnue (about $10 Billion US per year vs. $9 billion).

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