2008 Industry Statistics

In the latest issue of Advertising Age, the magazine compiles a variety of stats around the industry – from which agencies made the biggest moves to what companies are spending the most.

It also provides a good overview of some trends – how Agency jobs have declined over the last seven years, the decline of other mediums (radio) and the steady state of TV advertising.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Top US Advertiser – Proctor & Gamble with $4.9 Billion (also top in Canada), AT&T is #2 at $3.34B
  • Top Priced TV Show – “Grey’s Anatomy” | $419,000 for a 30 second placement
  • #1 Medium in the US? Direct mail at $61B, Broadcast TV is #2 ($48B), Internet increasing the most (16.5 % growth from 2006) at #8 ($12.7B)
  • Top 3 US Categories (by spend) – Automotive ($19.8B), Retail ($19.1B) and Telecommunications ($10.9B)
  • Sunday Night Football 30 Second Spot – $358,000
  • Top 3 Internet Ad Spend by Category – Telecom ($1.49B), Finance ($1.4B), Retail ($1.25B)
  • Top 3 US Agency Brands (by Revenue) – JWT ($445M), BBDO Worldwide ($444.2M), McCan Erickson Worldwide ($443.4M)
  • Top 5 US Digital Agencies (by Revenue) – Avenue A/Razorfish ($235.4M), Sapient ($228M), Digitas ($163.2M), Wunderman (113.4M) and Rapp Collins (107.1M)
  • 17,000 – Decrease in the number of agency jobs since 2000 (-8.3%)
  • 19,700 – Decrease in direct mail jobs since 2000 (-22.2%)

You can find the entire article here.


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