New Lost Alternate Realty Game

We just did a big post on the emergence of ARG’s and, sure enough, the folks behind the marketing of Lost have launched a new game.

The above is a picture of an actual billboard that has been placed in 7 US cities, Sydney and Seoul, Korea. Oceanic Airlines is the airline that goes down during lost – a made up company The campaign was accompanied with a small press release and the blogger blog – Find 815 – seems to be documenting the ARG.

What is strange about the blog is that it clearly says this is a simple game and even asks the user if they are participating. In previous examples (Audi and NIN), the games ask users to suspend reality but never address that the clues are part of a larger game (users just assume that there are more steps in the journey).

Still, the blog is interesting and it will be neat to see how this game does in the long run.

Thanks to Adrants for the link.


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