Advergirl’s Four Rules for Career Success

Advergirl is a great little blog about advertising. The writer, a true account person, has a ton of fun posts ranging from working with various parts of the industry to neat campaigns.

One of her latest posts outlines four simple rules for success in the industry. To quote:

  • Never be silent in a meeting. You’re there for a reason. Participate. Add value. Take notes.
  • Always build trust. Demonstrate that you understand the business – the entire business, not just your department – and your boss’s painpoints. Take actions that show you’re a responsive steward of the business, the brand and your boss’s sanity.
  • Keep generating ideas. New ideas. Fresh perspectives. Not just words/pictures/projects/research or whatever the details of your job description mandate.
  • Learn to read a room. Nothing will get you farther in business than empathy. Stop talking when eyes glaze. Offer solutions when brows crease. Pay attention to all the nonverbal feedback coming your way and act on it.

Don’t just get through your day-to-day. Be a part of it.

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