Keep These In Mind

Stumbled upon some great facts from a comprehensive eye tracking study.

If you’re in advertising or marketing, take a quick read. Well worth it.

(from Godin’s blog):

– Ads in the top and left portions of a page will receive the most eye fixation.
– Ads placed next to the best content are seen more often.
– Bigger images get more attention.
– Clean, clear faces in images attract more eye fixation.
– Fancy formatting and fonts are ignored.
– Formatting can draw attention.
– Headings draw the eye.
– Initial eye movement focuses on the upper left corner of the page.
– Large blocks of text are avoided.
– Lists hold reader attention longer.
– Navigation tools work better when placed at the top of the page.
– One-column formats perform better in eye-fixation than multi-column formats.
– People generally scan lower portions of the page.
– Readers ignore banners.
– Shorter paragraphs perform better than long ones.
– Show numbers as numerals.
– Text ads were viewed mostly intently of all types tested.
– Text attracts attention before graphics.
– Type size influences viewing behavior.
– Users initially look at the top left and upper portion of the page before moving down and to the right.
– Users only look at a sub headline if it interests them.
– Users spend a lot of time looking at buttons and menus.
– White space is good.


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