Google’s Conquest

A few nights ago, I had the pleasure of going to the CMA’s with some guys from Google. As the night went on, we got to talking about the power of Search and I heard a phrase that I instantly fell in love with.

“Search is the database of Intentions”

Think about it. Search engines know what you like to buy, what books you read, what movies you want to see, where you want to travel – they know you. And they know you well.

Google’s AdWords helps to ensure that brands answer the questions of their consumers. Looking for a new computer? We’ll make sure that Apple comes up first. Stats have shown that the majority of people click on the first two options on their search results – lucrative space to be in.

The next evolution of Google (and by next…it could be a few weeks away) will be to optimize search results to predict future outcomes.

For example, they are currently attempting to predict the opening box office success on movies by the number of times people search the title before opening weekend. And from what I’ve heard, the results can be quite accurate.

We will continue to post on the amazing world of Google but for now just remember what you search. Google certainly will.

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