London Week – Close The Sale

We all know that Apple is a great brand. When we buy an iPod or Mac Book, it makes even the most boring (PC like) people feel creative.

The products themselves aren’t substantially different. Sure, there are unique programs like iLife or iTunes, but when it comes to technology and price, Apple can be beat by the likes of Dell and others.

What makes Apple different is their brand. It’s so strong that people (like myself) defend the company and their Mac’s at all costs.

A great planner I work with once told me a quote from an Apple lover she’d met:

“When my PC used to break down, I’d call the I.T guy and say ‘Hey, can you get over here.’ But when my Mac Book used to break down, I’d call the I.T. guy and scream ‘Oh my god, somethings wrong, please get up here as fast as you can.”

We’ve written a lot about some of the great spots that Mac has produced over the years, but I wanted to post about the unique way that Apple closes the sale.

It seems that these days, retail advertising has become the ugly step child to mass and interactive. Once you’ve got the people in store with great ads, what more is there to do?

A lot. Ever seen a great car commercial, become interested in the car, done a bit of research and then gone to the dealership? Things are a bit different, aren’t they? Although the greasy, pushy salesmen just wants to get you to buy, buy, buy, after watching a wonderful ad about customer service you feel a bit…well…lied to.

This is where Apple does not fall down. When you walk into an Apple store, you are instantly engaged with an Apple enthusiast. This person helps to answer any questions you might have and point you in the right direction.

But what if you already own an Apple product and are just looking for help? In the UK, and in many other Apple stores, they run all-day tutorials for their popular programs and devices.

From the iPod bar to the iMac tutorial session, you can find out how to be creative in easy ways; from editing your latest home movie with iMovie to recording your next Podcast.

Many brands create great mass campaigns but fail to close the sale in-store. This is the final place where your brand promise must come alive. People have heard about it, seen it in your ads and read about it in the papers but if your staff, store and space don’t showcase it perfectly, all the work you’ve done will come crashing down.

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