Chuck Porter at the CMA Digital Conference

I returned about 3 hours ago from an interesting morning at the CMA Digital Marketing conference. I was privileged to see Chuck Porter from CP+B speak.
He made a great point about how there is no real secret to creating viral. The only secret is to create a lot and hope some of it works. To create, present and sell-through crazy, unique or risky ideas you need a culture that nurtures this. CP+B has a culture of taking risks and over-delivering on creative. Instead of presenting three concepts at a presentation they bring in 30 – the clients are bound to like something and there are very few things that the clients love to see more than agencies get excited about their brand.

Another point I really liked is in reference to brands getting involved with Social Media he said “Social Media marketing is like a digital Tupperware party”. That is the mistake most brands are making in that space; you need to engage without selling. Give the consumer an emotional experience and they will begin to connect with the brand. This connection will bring them towards your product when it comes time to purchase.

Which leads me to my next point. Chuck quoted this interesting quote from Plato:
“There is no learning without emotion.”
Chuck followed up this quote by saying that if every advertiser had this quote on their wall we would have a lot less crappy advertising. I agree.

He finished by saying at CP+B that all they do is go into work everyday and try to do something cool.

What have you done today that is cool?

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