The Grey Album

In what has become a defining moment for Web 2.0, DJ Danger Mouse ‘s The Grey Album turned 3 a few weeks ago. The album, a mash-up of The Beatles 1968 White Album and Jay-Z’s 2003 Black Album, became a web sensation and one of the top downloaded albums on Napster (when it was in its early stages).

The Grey Album is contagious not only due to its different (and great) sound but because it set off a digital revolution of mash-ups and compilations.

Written about in Wired, Wikinomics and thousands of blogs across the Web, DJ Danger Mouse opened a world of debate about the rights of everyone to take others content and use it for their own creations.

Whatever the case, it’s an album that’s well worth listening too and an important point in the short history of the web.

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