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Marc Ecko, founder of the hip-hop brand Ecko unlimited and creator of the viral video Still Free has launched a new microsite. The purpose? To decide what to do with Barry Bonds’ record breaking home run ball (number 756 for those of you who don’t watch Baseball).

A few weeks ago, Ecko bought the ball at an auction for around $750,000. Instead of putting the ball in his private collection or donating it to Cooperstown, Ecko has decided to let the people decide what to do with it.

On the microsite, users have the option to vote on one of three scenario’s:

1. Send the ball to Cooperstown

2. Permanently brand the ball with an Astrix and give to Cooperstown

3. Send the ball on a rocket into space (the Banish it option)

In an interview
, Ecko says that he wants people to share their opinions and have a say in what happens to the ball. The cheating debate has been going on for a number of years now and instead of leaving it to the baseball folks to decide, he’s letting fans choose.

You might not agree with this contest, but I doubt that many $750,000 campaigns have generated this much buzz in a long time.

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