Sorry Baby, Mom Wants Me Now

For all of the boring shaving campaigns out there, it’s nice to see something different and interesting. Instead of putting a ripped guy in a bathroom who gets his recently shaved face rubbed by his hot girlfriend, British company Wilkinson decided to create a funny microsite that shows a baby training to regain his mother attention.

Wilkinson did a great job taking the category insight further – yes, great razors will make your skin feel soft. Guys (but more importantly, girls) love soft skin. But who owns soft skin? Babies. Everyone knows how soft a baby feels. Why not leverage that with a razor but take a funny slant on it?

Currently, this video has over 180,000 hits on YouTube and is allegedly being talked about all of London. The microsite is well worth checking out (although it’s in French) and it’s nice to see a fun campaign that pokes fun at all the razors out there.

Thanks to Lauren for the tip!

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