Mazda, what were you thinking?

This ad sucks. I watched it this morning, shook my head, threw up in my mouth, laughed and then considered blogging about it. Thankfully I got really busy then I read what Adrants had to say about it. A perfect post from Adrants:

Mazda Still Makes Cars? Well, It Sure as Hell Can’t Make Ads
Imagine the music you’d hear at a gay strip club. Is your pelvis gyrating yet? Good. Add graphics from Japanese ninja porn. Toss in a green car for good measure.
You know what you get?

This ad for Mazda – which, to be frank, has given us (arguably) worse ads in the past. We can’t think of a slogan that beats “Fitness comes as standard,” though. If you can, congratulations.

JWT Dusseldorf, why have you forsaken us?

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