Leaked CP+B Al Gore Script

In an article on copyranter today, a leaked script from a CP+B pitch was posted to the blog. Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Change has asked 4 major agencies to pitch for an upcoming campaign. The campaign will be centered around raising awareness of climate change and encouraging the American public to vote for an environmentally friendly candidate in the 2008 Presidential election.

A credible tipster sent the script through to New York city writer – copyranter – and has allegedly already been shot in LA. The script?

“Open on a downtown area of Manhattan. A kid stands holding a bucket and a paintbrush next to a brownstone apartment. He paints a blue line on the wall, about five feet high.

Kid: The reality is, if we don’t pass legislation to avert the climate crisis, ocean levels will rise this high in the next 10 years.

The kid then gets on the ladder and climbs several feet, where he paints another line.

Kid: In 25 years, they’ll be here.

He paints a line on the side of the building and climbs higher still.

Kid: And in 50 years the oceans will rise to here, 50 feet.

The camera pans up and over, to a window just above the kid and above the last line he’s painted. His mom is standing inside the window, looking at the camera.

Kid: But this isn’t going to happen. No way. Because this is my mom. And she can vote for candidates who support livable carbon standards. I can’t save my future. But she can.

Cut to Alliance for Protection of Climate logo

Even though the script does have some impact, this isn’t a mind-blowing idea. CP+B seems as if they are trying to ground the idea of climate change to ensure that people know it will affect them and their families in the coming future. That being said, it sounds more like a public service announcement than a great ad idea.

digg_url = ‘http://adjoke.blogspot.com/2007/09/leaked-cpb-al-gore-script.html’;

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