Account Planner Idol – Australia

This is a fantastic idea…I am not much of one to read rules & regs but I am wondering if I can enter and if I win will they get me Visa/work permit and pay for me to move?

If anyone feels like reading the details let me know.


The hunt for Australia’s next hot planner starts here..
There is a real shortage of young account planners in Australia – smart young people with a strategic brain, who can make a real difference to brands and businesses. To address this issue, the APG is embarking on a hunt to find the hottest young strategist in Australia – Australia’s first Planning Idol. Why are we doing it? Because as Australia’s official planning industry body, we’re committed to growing the next generation of planners – recognising, encouraging and nurturing them.

Deadline for entries: Friday 26 October 2007
Presentation to Judges and Award ceremony: Wednesday 28 November 2007 (provisional)

FULL DETAILS including the BRIEF

The brief is based on a significant social issue and sets a simple challenge: “To combat the growing threat of Ice in Australia.” Australia is currently facing a serious drug problem through the growth in usage of Methamphetamine (also known as crystal meths or, more commonly, Ice). Ice is highly addictive and it has been estimated that 73,000 Australians are currently addicted to it, more than twice the number of heroin addicts. Worse still, almost one in ten Australians have tried Ice and the fact that it can be smoked makes it more accessible to younger and recreational users.

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