Apple talks – the world listens part uno

I am pretty sure that this post is like a belly button for blogs – everybody has got one, but here we go….

If you just woke up from a 2-day sleep Apple has made some pretty exciting announcements. My comments are in (brackets) – your comments go below:

  1. $200 price drop on iPhone (about time).
  2. Increased battery life on all products
  3. iPod Touch, an iPhone-like iPod without the phone function, complete with a touch screen, photo slideshow feature, Wi-Fi and Safari Web browser (including direct links to Facebook, Google and Yahoo, among others), and a YouTube application on the homescreen
  4. iTunes Wi-Fi music store, enabling iPod Touch users to purchase music on the go. (This eliminates the so-called competitve advantage of the Nokia Ovi – see my previous post)
  5. Customizable iPhone ringtones for 99 cents (I think they should integrate a mash-up function on iTunes where you can create your own musical mash-up and turn it into a ringtone or a song. Once you create your mash-up you can forward a sample to friends, etc and every time your ringtone or song is purchased a % of the sale is credited to your account).
  6. New color palette and design for the iPod Nano, including widescreen video, 3 new games, split-screen functionality, and coverflow (Did they just say “Widescreen video” on a nano? I think Steve Jobs has a different definition of the word “wide” than myself).
  7. Video iPod is now called iPod Classic and comes with double the memory
  8. New Shuffle color palette, including a Product Red model (Wow, how revolutionary).
  9. Starbucks partnership in which a free Starbucks ID button pops up on the iPhone and iPod Touch, enabling users to know what songs they’re playing in Starbucks and the ability to purchase it with the tap of a finger. (At least you will have something to do while you are waiting in line for 10 minutes to get your non-fat, soy milk, extra foam, extra-hot, splenda only, grande mocha-vanilla frappa-latte in a double venti cup to go).
  10. The bible has been replaced by the iPod instruction manual has the most printed book ever.(Ok I made this one up – but i wouldn’t doubt it. All hail Steve Jobs).

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