Absolut New Orleans

Absolut Vodka has annouced that they are relasing a limited edition “Absolut New Orleans” vodka. 100% of the profits (not revenue) will be donated to various New Orleans charities. The taste of the drink is described as “a fruity mango vodka with a spicy black pepper kick.” Sound good to you? That’s what I thought.

Aside from the strange taste, Absolute has decided to make a long term campaign out of this idea. On their microsite, they allow users to nominate the next city that will be supported by a specific, Absolute vodka. Options include Boston, New York and Chicago (amog others).

Even though it is nice for a brand to offer charitable donations, something about this partnership feels a bit forced. Although this is a neat idea, it falls a bit short and comes off a bit cheap – almost a clear “hopefully you feel good about our brand” ploy rather than a naturally nice thing to do.

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