Camp Okutta Part Two

The Camp Okutta campaign Ty commented on previously (see below) has been getting a lot of attention through-out Canada and I will not be suprised if it becomes internationally recognized similar to the Dove Evolution campaign. The creative is working, the message is really hitting home here in Canada.

Enraged Canadians who thought the posters were actually advertising a real camp have been tearing down the campaign around Toronto and almost all major media outlets have covered the story. Here is a link to a thorough article from CBC.

As quoted in the CBC article James Topham, War Child’s director of marketing reinforces that this outrage and reaction to the campaign only help to reinforce the message; proving that the campaign is an undeniable success.

“The message of the advertising is that we would never stand for it over here, so we should not stand for it over there either,” he said.
Topham said that he was a little surprised to hear that people were tearing down the posters, but said that it proved their message hit home.
“If people were ripping them down, it shows that such a camp would be outrageous in Canada,” he said. “And yet these camps exist all over the world.”
Well done John St.

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